The first 3PL to offer a turnkey service for your exports to Europe and North America.

Ensure your international e-commerce fulfillment by entrusting us with the management of your tax and customs obligations.

Worldwide delivery

Why choose HappyColis?

Expand internationally in Europe or North America with the only 3PL offering an all-inclusive service. We promise fast implementation, and we make your project a priority so you can concentrate on growing your business and offering your customers an experience that matches your ambitions: no surprise costs and no unpredictable delays.

Good for your customers

By opting for With HappyColis Overseas, your international customers no longer have to wait weeks for their orders. They have clear delivery times – but even more importantly – they don’t have to pay any unexpected costs when they receive their parcel.

Good for your budget

Take advantage of HappyColis‘ exceptional storage, order preparation and shipping rates. What’s more, we work with the best experts in customs and sales tax management at pre-negotiated, ultra-competitive rates.

Good for the planet

By sending part of your stock to the markets you serve, you contribute to the collective effort to make e-commerce cleaner. Why is this? Because you ship in bulk instead of hundreds of orders one by one.

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The benefits

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How does it work?

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Submitting your files

Our sales tax and customs experts will take care of submitting your file to the tax and customs authorities.

Receiving your stock

Import your stock into Europe or North America with the help of our customs and transport partners.

Website integration

We connect your site to the HappyColis interface, so you can manage your logistics frictionlessly and realize your ambitions.

Optimisation coûts logistiques ecommerce

In less than two months, we change your life 🙂

With HappyColis Overseas, you can delegate your logistics to our partners, who can handle all the tax and customs issues you’ll face when entering a foreign market:


  • Obtain sales tax numbers;
  • Obtaining import authorizations;
  • Customs import declaration;
  • Tax representation;
  • Monthly sales tax returns.


Simply put, we take care of everything so that you can concentrate on developing your business internationally without having to set up a subsidiary.


Your customers will be delivered in a day or twoinstead of several weeks. Your transport costs will drop drastically and your conversion rate will rise.


We’re off!


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