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At HappyColis, we believe that your e-commerce success is unique, and that’s why we’ve designed logistics solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Up to 40% growth per year.

A key figure: HappyColis partner sellers can concentrate on their core business, and are experiencing impressive sales volume growth, with an increase of 9%* per quarter, or 40%* per year!

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*(Source: Calculation based on the number of orders shipped by our customers in 2023)

Discover our two distinct offers

No hidden fees, just transparent, flexible pricing that adapts to your your growth.

Boost offer

Perfect for fast-growing merchants generating fewer than 40,000 parcels a year.


  • No commitment.
  • Transparent, fixed price for each budget item: Storage, Preparation, Shipping.
  • Flexibility and control: Adjust your solution at any time according to your needs and budget.
  • Tapering rates based on order volume.
  • Implementation in less than 30 days.

Advanced offer

Designed for experienced merchants generating over 40,000 parcels per year.

100% personalized, highly competitive offer :

  • Rates negotiated according to your volumes and specific needs.
  • Tailor-made logistics solutions to meet your unique requirements.


Cost control:

  • Precise budget forecasts.
  • Real-time cost tracking and optimization.
  • 100% IT automation.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.


Average savings on your shipments*


reduction in storage costs


of our customers recommend us


Preparation performance

* Based on a 2kg parcel with Colis privé 

Understand our pricing

Item size and weight

Pricing depends on the volume and weight of your items, as they impact storage and handling.


Preparation levels

Choose the preparation level that best suits your needs:


  • Essential: Classic, economical preparation, ideal for standard orders.
  • Premium: More precise preparation with additional options for certain orders.
  • Ultimate: Tailor-made preparation for specific requirements.


Flexibility and control

Adjust your solution at any time to suit your needs and budget.

Why choose HappyColis?

Guaranteed savings :

Control your fixed and variable costs, and benefit from attractive volume discounts.


Optimum efficiency:

Benefit from a high-performance logistics infrastructure and a team dedicated to your success.


Simplicity and peace of mind:

Real-time tracking, an intuitive portal and responsive customer support.


A partner in your growth:

HappyColis is committed to supporting your development and helping you exceed your goals.

What our fabulous customers say

A golden team!

With a 30,000 m2 warehouse dedicated to bulky goods, HappyColis has tailor-made logistics solutions to meet all my needs. The complete automation of flows between the platform and the e-shop saves me considerable time and money in developing my business. Thank you to all the HappyColis teams for their daily support.


Caroline Homery

Easy-to-use software and smiles!

Since we made the move to HappyColis, we’ve been able to manage everything from a software package that’s easy to learn, and which allows us to take a step back from our logistics. We’re delighted every day, yes by the technology, but also by the people: a highly responsive team that’s always available and smiling.

Thank you HappyColis!


Julianne Clamens

Undeniably efficient!

With HappyColis, we’ve cut delivery times and costs by a factor of three, which started us off well, but when we saw that we’d achieved a 160% increase in sales in less than a year, we really started to smile! And when you’re an athlete, it’s not so common to smile in the middle of an effort! I can only recommend HappyColis to anyone who feels ready to export their e-commerce to France.


William Walcker

A booming new market

Since we opened our sales in France and Belgium with HappyColis, our sales have increased by +35%! It’s all going very smoothly and in a friendly atmosphere. HappyColis has been the best way for us to find the peace of mind to enter a market more than 5000 km away on the other side of the ocean.


Jean-Luc Henry

Do you have any questions?
Here are a few answers.

How much does it cost to set up and use your SaaS solution?

The costs of using our application and connecting to your Shopify, Magento, Prestashop or Woocommerce site are included in the HappyColis services subscription as described above. What’s more, this initial connection is free of charge.

Our platform evolves every week, and you benefit free of charge from all the changes we make to it. So you’ll never be surprised by license or setup fees at HappyColis.

How much does it cost to store cartons and pallets?

The cost of receiving your products, as well as the cost of storing your pallets, cartons and items. ALL these costs are fully included in your monthly subscription package, regardless of the quantity you store.

The major advantage of this billing method is that you know exactly what your costs are, so you’ll never have any unpleasant surprises on the amount of invoices you receive!

Is cushioning included in the price of preparing an order?

When we prepare an order with one or more items, we place them in a cardboard box whose size has been optimized. The carton is rarely exactly the right size, and it’s necessary to do some rough shimming so that the package and products arrive in perfect condition. This is included in our price, as is the cardboard.

In addition to this basic cushioning, it is sometimes necessary to protect fragile items independently. In such cases, we need to use specific padding for each item to be protected, either with “bubble wrap” or crumpled Kraft paper. This padding is charged extra.

How are returns handled?

The cost of processing a return is applied per returned item. For each returned item, we need to identify it (is the returned item the right one?), check it (does the condition of the returned item meet your specifications so that it can be put back into stock for a new sale?) and replace it in the picking area.

At your request, we can carry out additional operations following a return. These operations cannot be industrialized, so we can only carry out the necessary operations for you.) As these operations cannot be industrialized, they are invoiced on a time-spent basis.

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