100% Customizable

You want to adapt your fulfillment to your ambitions  That’s why, at HappyColis, there are three levels of preparation that allow you to offer and automate your customers’ experience according to your reality and objectives.


  • Essential – Our simplest, most effective preparation
  • Premium – A tailor-made experience for your customers
  • Ultimate – The package of your wildest dreams
Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery

Why choose HappyColis?

100% Scalable – 100% Customizable – 100% Human

Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery


Simple and efficient

The best value for money and fastest preparation times on the market.

Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery


To your image

Offer a tailor-made experience, custom-made boxes, tissue paper, flyers, perfume.

Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery


Customized from A to Z

Don’t set any limits and build the package of your dreams – anything is possible, really!

Three levels of customization on request

Whether you want to ship like Amazon or offer your customers the unboxing experience of your dreams, our platform offers you the logistics of your choice to match your ambitions. You trust us with your logistics, but you’re in control!

Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery

Essential, the simple, effective formula.

Opt for efficiency


Essential is our most classic preparation, combining efficiency and economy.  It’s “like Amazon”: neutral cardboard, padding, sealing, shipping label. This is the preparation that offers the best quality/price ratio, allowing you to optimize your rates and delivery speed. 

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Premium, your mailings in your image.

Opt for a tailor-made experience


Premium is a more sophisticated preparation, which allows you to add a few gestures to some of your orders, such as the insertion of a flyer, a sample, tissue paper wrapping, etc., enabling you to offer your customers a unique experience

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Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery
Worldwide ecommerce parcel delivery

Ultimate, down to the smallest detail.

Opt for an incredible unboxing experience


Ultimate is the ultimate customized preparation. Compared to preparation PremiumThe range of possible gestures is more sophisticated (complex assembly, unwrapping and folding textiles, perfuming, etc.). Anything goes, so you can offer your customers an unrivalled experience.

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Words fromour fabulous customers

A golden team!

Since we switched our fulfillment to HappyColis, we’ve felt the vitality of a world-class team. A team that is super available to answer our questions and that handles any concerns independently and proactively. The human contact is just as pleasant as the efficiency with which orders are sent. We recommend it!


Élise Chalmin

Easy-to-use software and smiles all the way!

Since we took the plunge at HappyColis, we’ve been managing everything from a software platform that’s a breeze to navigate, and which allows us to oversee our logistics efficiently. We’re delighted every day, yes by the technology, but also by the people behind it: a highly responsive team that’s always available and always smiling. Thank you HappyColis!


Julianne Clamens

Undeniably effective!

With HappyColis, we’ve cut delivery times and costs by a factor of three, which started us off well, but when we saw that our sales had risen by 160% in less than a year, we really started to smile! And when you’re an athlete, it’s not so common to smile in the middle of an effort!  I can only recommend HappyColis to anyone who feels ready to export their e-commerce to France.


William Walcker 

A booming new market

Since we opened our sales in France and Belgium with HappyColis, our sales have increased by +35%! Everything runs smoothly, in a friendly atmosphere. HappyColis was the best way for us to find the peace of mind to enter a market more than 5000 km away on the other side of the ocean. 


Jean-Luc Henry

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